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New Year’s Eve at BDBR

Before I started dancing, New Year’s Eve was not something that I often got excited about. For all the hype of the holiday, I had never encountered a very interesting way to celebrate it. It seemed like the only way people knew how to observe the new year was to throw a house party or go clubbing. Don’t get me wrong – mingling with friend’s is certainly nice. But since you can throw a house party any old time, it doesn’t really make for a spectacular way to spend your New Year’s Eve. Clubbing is much the same, except with added noise, poor lighting, pressing crowds, and a lot of shaking – none of which especially appeal to me. Other than that, it was difficult to find a different way to celebrate the new year without spending a good bit to do it – at least in the Baton Rouge area.

Then, of course, I discovered ballroom dance. The art and community have many great qualities – several of which I mentioned in my “Holiday Shopping Made Easy” post, and several more of which I plan to elaborate on in the future. Not least among these are the special events. Halloween at BDBR involves costumes and our Thriller line dance. For Christmas, we have our Winter Showcase, complete with catering and our Christmas music selection. And at BDBR, I have discovered a classic way to celebrate the New Year with food and friends. We begin with the food, setting out appetizers and drinks. The first few hours of the party are spent mingling and dancing. As midnight approaches, we begin the countdown to a champagne toast at the new year, as well as a balloon drop, followed by Auld Lang Syne. We follow this with more dancing and end the evening with a light breakfast on the new year. Of course, intermingled with all the festivities are New Year’s decorations, hats, and horns. No New Year’s party is complete without a bit of glitter, after all!

Overall, it’s one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve that I have ever encountered. It is romantic (for couples and singles both!), it is vibrant, it is timeless. So if you’re looking for something to do to welcome 2015, what better way than to come celebrate with us!

Johanna Collier
Dance Instructor
Courtney Black’s Ballroom Dance Baton Rouge

Posted December 30th, 2014 in All About BDBR.